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Creating a Web Page


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    Line Breaks


A line break <BR> goes to the next line and does not skip a line like the paragraph <P> tag does. Please notice that there is no closing line break tag. This tag is very useful when creating a bibliography or a list.



page title </ TITLE>

You title goes here

Your report will look like just one long paragraph unless you show where each paragraph starts and ends. You can do this by typing and opening <P> at the beginning of each paragraph and a closing </P> at the end of each paragraph.

Make sure you save after every change you make on your web page. Remember that the best way is to "save as" and make sure you check "all files". 
      2. oranges<BR>
      3. bananas<BR>
      4. peaches<BR>
      5. grapes</P>





Save this change:  File - Save As
Make sure the Save In: box displays the right folder
Make sure the 
Save as type: box says All Files
You may click on your file name instead of typing it, make sure you click on the one with the blue e in front of it.
Do not add  .html after your file's nam

Check the changes in Internet Explorer by going to File - Refresh or clicking the F5 key. 

Your text will be further from the edges of the screen screen  and will still be in one large paragraph. 



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